Babushka Bolka

Babushka Bolka


Babushka Bolka is our simple replication of a classic Russian Doll filled with naturally air dried lavender flowers and she will happily release more fragrance as she is squeezed or cuddled.

The Babushka doll is well over 100 years old and was originally know as a Matryoshka Doll, derived from the old Russian peasant name Matryona. Closely related to the latin name "mater", the Doll has now become connected with Motherhood which in turn symbolises fertility. 

Tuck into your pillow as an aid to relaxation, for calming anxieties and to aid restful sleep. Natural lavender has also been used to perfume drawers and wardrobes and help repel insects.

When the fragrance eventually fades it can be refreshed with a few drops of pure essential oil.


Hand made by Lavender House Tasmania.  Size 18cm x10cm.   Natural cotton print with synthetic felt back, trimmed with a satin bow.


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