Discover the Lavender Collection

Self Guide

Our small property, Lavender House, is home to THE PERFUMERY Tasmania's premier manufacturing perfumery. The main point of interest is the large building at the top of the hill, which houses the manufacturing area plus the showroom and gift shop.

For the added pleasure and interest of our many visitors we grow a small collection of different species and varieties of lavender, showing the different lavender growth habits, leaves, flowers, colours and fragrances.The lavenders flower at different times of the year as influenced by the Tasmanian climate.


Usually in autumn (Mid March - April) you will find Lavendula Intermedia & Dentata, showing gentle soft blues and greys.


In winter (April - June) you will find Lavendula dentata, lovely clear blues and soft grey foliage.


In spring (September - November) Lavendula stoechas flowers in many vibrant colours.


In summer (late November - mid January) see the full glory of Lavendula angustifolia in blues and purples.

This is also the season also for the splendor of the angustifolia variety of true perfumery lavender that we grow for our own perfume oil. You could almost float on the fragrance of this sweet mauve lavender variety.