Discover the Lavender Collection


We grow numerous species and varieties of lavender, showcasing their different  flowers, fragrances,colours, leaf forms and growth habits. Cultivars flower at throughout the year depending on the season and prevailing weather conditions.


In autumn (Mid March - April) you will find Lavandula Intermedia & Dentata, showing gentle soft blues, white  and greys.


In winter (April - June) you will find Lavandula dentata, lovely clear blues and soft grey foliage and some Lavendula stoechas in white, plum, purple and pink.


In spring (September - November) Lavandula stoechas flowers in many vibrant colours.


In summer (late November - mid January) see the full glory of Lavandula angustifolia in blues, white,.pink and purples.

Summer is the season also for the splendor of the angustifolia variety of true perfumery lavender that we grow for our own perfume oil. The fragrance is divine.