Eau de Toilette & Spritzers


The heart of a Perfume is the Aromatic Essence. We create this using pure essential oils and botanical extracts.

Eau De Parfum contains the highest contcentration of oil - typically contains 15-30% . Eau de parfums last the longest - up to 8-10 hours. EDP fragrances will usually contain heavier molecules or perfume notes which are stronger and bolder to the nose, improving the longevity of the scent.

Eau de Toilette is the most popular form of  fragrance. Eau de Toilette can contain up to 8% aromatic essence making it light and  refreshing in warmer weather. It should never be overpowering, up to three hours of wear is all you should reasonably expect.

Body Sprays and Spritzers are the lightest form of fragrance with up to 1% aromatic essence. Spritzers and Refreshers are cooling and refreshing applied directly to the skin whenever you feel the need. They can be used under and/or over makeup when your skin is tired, flushed or dry or just in need of a re-fresh, a quick spritz is a lovely as an instant “pick-me-up.” But you can of course extend the life of a scent by fragrance layering- e.g. applying other products within the same scent range for example Hand and Body Lotion or a Hand Cream.