Eau de Toilette & Spritzers

Perfume as aromatherapy. 

An Aromatic Essence is the heart of a Perfume. Our Aromatic Essences are created with pure essential oils.

Eau de Toilette is the most popular form in which fragrances are sold, and is particularly appropriate for the summer. Eau de Toilette can contain up to 8% aromatic essence making it  light and delightfully refreshing in warmer weather. It should never be overpowering, up to three hours of wear is all you should reasonably expect.

Spritzers and Refreshers are the very lightest form of fragrance with up to 1% aromatic essence. Spritzers and Refreshers are cooling and refreshing applied directly to the skin whenever you feel the need. They can be used under and/or over makeup when your skin is tired, flushed or dry or just in need of a re-fresh, a quick spritz is a lovely as an instant “pick-me-up.”