Green Tea Bigarade  Creme Parfume

Green Tea Bigarade Creme Parfume

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Fresh citrus with woody depth and spicy fragrance, reflecting the unique qualities of our Tasmanian Perfumery Lavender.

Green Tea Bigarade Crème 

Parfumee is created with protective Tasmanian virgin beeswax, natural macadamia and almond oils rich in essential fatty acids, plus nourishing soy wax, and with soothing shea butter; all delicately combined, then perfumed with one of our own Aromatic Essences created with pure essential oils. This formulation produces a delightfully rich, natural, non-greasy alternative to alcohol base perfumed sprays.


These Crème Parfumees have a rich 20% fragrance component, equivalent to an Eau de parfume.


Your own body chemistry will influence the way a perfume develops for you, so its life and character should always be evaluated on your skin.


To fully understand the transitions of the perfume it's important to smell after a minute or so, again 10 minutes later, and again a half hour later.


Try a small amount on a pulse point. - Be patient, let the magic work. - Evaluate the fragrance through all stages of the development.      

 - Enjoy -

Fragrance Description: 

Top Notes: Bright citrus

Middle Note:  Warm summer blossoms

Base Note: Deeper spice to mellow woody tones

Creme Parfume Jar

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