Herbal Bath Treatments

Scented Spa aromatherapy in your your own private and personal, peace, happiness and healing space. 

A luxurious and fragrant way to pamper, sooth and moisturise the skin and senses.

The benefits of warm baths have been known since ancient times.

Our Herbal Bath Treatments promote the healthful benefits of nature. We use the purest herbs in the form of natural plant oils and extracts to interact with the natural healing and soothing powers of hydrotherapy.

Scented Spa Herbal Bath Treatment formulas are specifically created to help restore and maintain the body’s natural wellbeing using the healthful benefits of natural herbs and herbal extracts.

Warm water adds a natural therapeutic effect that augments the efficacy of the essential oils, releasing some fragrance to be inhaled, relaxing the pores allowing beneficial absorption, relaxing muscles to ease tension and, stimulating blood flow to carry away impurities.

Select the Herbal Bath most suited to the needs of your body.

Scented Spa Herbal Bath Treatments do not foam nor leave any oily residue.

Relax ... Enjoy