Lavender Aromaball 8mL

Lavender Aromaball 8mL


Aromatherapy on the spot!  Our Lavender Aromaball is an easy to use roll on made with fractionated coconut and 100% pure lavender essential oil, so it’s easily absorbed into your skin. It will provide temporary pain relief, and soothe stress, anxiety and nervous tension. The Lavender Aromaball  will also relieve itchiness and soothe swelling and pain from bites and stings. Conveniently sized  to fit comfortably into your pocket or handbag.

How to Use: Apply to pulse points on wrists, temples and neck.

Product size: 8mL with rollerball dispenser.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fixateur 505 & Essential Oil of Lavender.


Code: YB246

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