Lavender Orange

Lavender Orange

This contemporary fragrance formulation from Lavender House features the naturally purifying, regenerative and soothing essential oils of true Lavender, Soft Sweet Orange and Mandarin with a hint of Patchouli and Clary Sage. Another example of Lavender with a modern edge.

The fresh citrus finish will leave your skin delightfully perfumed.

Lavender House has a direct and sensible approach to skincare, promising no miracles or cures, just effective results, simple packaging and realistic pricing.

This range of high quality skin treatments is functional, efficient and devoid of harsh synthetic or petroleum based ingredients.

These basic simple and straightforward preparations, formulated with optimum therapeutic value in mind, will nourish and protect your skin, sooth your senses and help combat the ageing process.

Proudly 100% designed and made in Australia using exceptional, local, natural and naturally sourced ingredients whenever possible. 

Adeona Eau de Toilette complements this range perfectly to complete your fragrance layering.