Lavender Salve 100g

Lavender Salve 100g

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21 years old now, this reliable standby has certainly earned it's smart new label.

Our popular Lavender Salve provides intense hydration and fast soothing relief for painful cracked heels, split hands and abrasions.

Amongst the first products formulated by Lavender House back in 1992 our popular Lavender Salve provides fast soothing relief for painful cracked heels and split hands. The positive approach to skin rehydration and healing is what sets this simple healing salve apart.  Natural moisturising factors of synergistic emollients to treat dryness and restore and maintain skin integrity and suppleness, combined with the well recognised natural antiseptic soothing and healing qualities of pure essential oils create a fast and efficacious treatment for minor cuts abrasions grazes and similar skin traumas.


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