Manufacturing area

Lavender House has focused on manufacturing Fine Australian Aromatics since 1991 forging a fine reputation for both the quality of the perfumery and skin care ranges and the quality of the visitor experience offered. 

None of the easy premixed bases that simply require the addition of fragrance are used here. The development team at Lavender House actually  designs, researches, formulates and manufactures a comprehensive range of organic, true lavender body care products.

Lavender House has achieved success through skill, dedication and the firm resolve to never compromise on quality in favour of price.

Products are made with pure essential oils, natural waxes, vegetable oils and organic herbs. Unnecessary harsh chemicals or preservatives are avoided.

The bright new manufacturing area allows visitors the unique opportunity to observe manufacturing processes, the cooking and mixing kettles, the custom-built still and the bottling machines. Visitors can also meet some of the manufacturing team, sample products, learn more about the benefits of pure natural skincare, and discover a new appreciation of Tasmanian lavender. 

Share the pleasure. Chill out, breath the fragrant air and listen to nature’s music with your special someone.