Natural Lavender Heat Packs

Lavender Heat Packs

Lavender House is a totally Tasmanian business. We have enjoyed creating quality Lavender products for your enjoyment since 1991. The therapeutic properties of Lavender are well recognised, and have been used over the ages in promoting mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Natural Lavender Heat Packs are popular comforting aids for relaxation and pain relief.  Our Heat Packs are designed so that the filling remains stable; therefore they distribute their warmth better and retain it longer.  We do not use wheat as filler. We prefer to use a denser odourless cereal grain combined with gently air dried pure and naturally fragrant lavender flowers. 

Do not overheat. Follow the instructions carefully and it is also a good idea, after several uses, to place half a cup of water with the pack in the microwave. This puts moisture back into the grain and lavender and helps to prolong the useful life of your Lavender Heat Pack. Always air well before safe storage.

The natural grain will be attractive to insects and rodents once it is in use so store carefully. Microwaving regularly will re-sterilise the grain against insect attack

These practical Heat Packs are designed and sewn in our own workroom. They each contain selected naturally fragrant lavender flowers. Warming gently will release  the soft natural lavender fragrance.

- Relax – Enjoy - Share - Give - 

From Rowella in Northern Tasmania's lovely Tamar Valley.