Waffle Cotton Heat Pack

Waffle Cotton Heat Pack

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These are popular comforting aids for relaxation and pain relief.

Our Heat Packs are designed and sectioned so that the filling remains stable; therefore they distribute their warmth evenly and retain it longer.  We do not use wheat as filler. We prefer to use a denser odourless cereal grain combined with gently air dried pure and naturally fragrant lavender flowers.

Follow the instructions carefully and it is also a good idea, after several uses, to place half a cup of water with the pack in the microwave. This puts moisture back into the grain and lavender and helps to prolong the useful life of your Lavender Heat Pack . Always air well before safe storage.

Further aids to combine with massage to assist with relaxation and pain relief are Shearers Crook Back Bee-Balm, After Sport Soother or Lavender Massage Cream  and sometimes a Natural Lavender Pillow/Sachet will just soothe you to sleep.

size- 17x42cm  1050g approx.  

Picture shows the pack folded in two. 

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