Lavender Heat Pack

Lavender Heat Pack

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Ease Your Pain with a Lavender House Heat Pack

For centuries, heat has been used as a simple and effective way to manage pain and joint or muscular stiffness. Deep and penetrating heat relieves your pain and enhances your recovery process.  

Lavender House Natural Lavender Heat Packs are fabulous aids for relaxation and pain relief.  Our Heat packs are filled with air dried fragrant lavender flowers and barley.  They are designed so that the heat packs distribute their warmth better and retain heat for longer.  

Our heat packs are available in several different colours.  

size: 16x44cm  weight: 1050g approx.  

Picture shows the pack folded in two. 

How Do Heat Packs Help Relieve Pain and Stiffness?

  • Applying heat to an aching body part provides instant and effective relief from pain and stiffness as the heat stimulates your sensory receptors to block the transmission of pain signals to your brain.
  • Even if you suffer from chronic pain, heat packs can help relieve your discomfort and our lavender will help you relax.
  • The warmth  dilates the blood vessels surrounding  the painful area, bringing additional nutrients and oxygen to help heal damaged tissue and speed your healing process.

 What's the Advantage of a Lavender house Heat Pack?

  • Ready for use in under two minutes.
  • We use strong but soft fabric that allows the heat pack to be comfortably moulded to fit any area of the body and remain in position - ideal for curved areas such as your neck, knees and shoulders.
  • Long lasting natural lavender fragrance.
  • And you can even pop it in bed with you on cold winter nights!
  • After several uses place half a cup of water with the pack in the microwave. This returns moisture into the grain and lavender and helps prolong the life of your Lavender Heat Pack. .

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