Natural Perfumes

Perfume as aromatherapy. 

The 'heart' of a perfume is the Aromatic Essence. Our Master Maker creates our natural aromatic essences with pure Essential Oils.   

Natural Perfumes are treasures to those of us who prefer not to use modern synthetic fragrances.

Natural botanical perfumes offer a refreshing olfactory experience; a return to healthier holistic aromatic pleasures. Elegantly pleasing to the nose and simply soothing to the skin these Natural Perfumes contain no synthetic fixatives or fragrances.

Those new to perfumes created from natural botanical materials will soon be seduced by softer, gentler, more mysterious natural fragrant blends.
You may wish to apply them more frequently, but the application is so much more satisfying, both to the soul and the skin. Natural Perfumes are delightful alternatives to alcohol base sythetic sprays.

Perfumes are very personal statements. Take the time to understand your fragrance and to enhance your own mystery.

Smelling and evaluating Natural Perfume is quite different than typical ‘perfume’ sampling, just as Natural Perfumes are different from synthetic ‘perfumes’. Natural Perfumes are complex and multifaceted and evolve with wear as they travel from the top, middle and base notes. Your own body chemistry will influence the way a perfume develops for you, so its life and character should always be evaluated on your skin.

To fully understand the transitions of the perfume it’s important to smell after a minute or so, again 10 minutes later, and again a half hour later.

Try a small amount on a pulse point 
 Be patient, let the magic work 
 Evaluate the fragrance through all stages of the development  
- Enjoy -