Relieve & Recuperate Herbal Bath Treatment

Relieve & Recuperate Herbal Bath Treatment

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Relieve & Recuperate Herbal Bath essence to help restore your body, sooth your senses and recuperatefrom physical and mental stress. An intense aromabath treatment combining the natural benefits of Lavender essential oil, with  Spearmint, Rosemary and Thyme, Chamomile and Green Tea extracts, Plant Glycerine and saponified vegetable oils. 

Warm water adds a natural therapeutic effect that augments the efficacy of the essential oils, releasing some fragrance to be inhaled, relaxing the pores allowing beneficial absorption, relaxing muscles to ease tension and, stimulating blood flow to carry away impurities.

Scented Spa Herbal Bath Treatments do not foam nor leave any oily residue.

Partner with a  Massage Lotion Candle to enjoy a warm ambience and soothing massage.

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