Serums & Elixirs

Skin serums are skin boosters, packed with premium natural nutrients that will transform your skin. They’re designed to penetrate deep into your skin where your new cells, collagen and elastin are made.

Our serums are designed to successfully target and improve skin conditions including anti-aging, moisturising, replenishing and anti-redness. We have a superb eye serum to keep crows’ feet at bay, and one that works wonders on your hands too. They are suitable for both men and women.

The wonderful thing about skin serums is that they work beautifully in small doses: that means they are both economical and effective.

To use: Apply serums twice daily. Just rub a couple of drops into your skin immediately after cleansing and toning.  You can also apply sunscreen over the serum during the day and a moisturiser over the serum at night. You will definitely notice the difference!