Serums & Elixirs

Skincare is individually variable

What are the benefits of using facial serums & elixirs?

For your skin to be truly hydrated from the inside out a moisturiser alone is not adequate.

Serums and Elixirs are formulated to penetrate deeper into the dermal layers to hydrate and moisturise more effectively.

The fine vegetable carrier oil blends are absorbed directly into the skin and plump it up from the inside, while the pure essential oil blends add specific benefits.  

Each Serum & Elixir is designed to target a specific skin concern, meaning they can even be formulated for use by people with oily skin and to help combat acne and breakouts.

Serums and Elixirs are applied to cleansed skin before applying your final night cream or moisturiser.

Moisturisers are applied last because they don’t penetrate into the skin as far, but help provide a seal to keep in all the good moisture at the end of your skincare routine, leaving your skin cool soft & gently fragrant.