Vanilla Rosewood  Creme Parfume

Vanilla Rosewood Creme Parfume

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Natural perfumes are free from synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals, using combinations of essential oils and waxes, producing a delightfully rich, non-greasy alternative to alcohol based perfumed sprays. Our crème parfumes have a 20% fragrance component, which is equivalent to an Eau De Parfum.

Our Vanilla and Rosewood Crème Perfume evokes a warm sweet woody aroma with hints of musk and spice.  

Perfumes are a uniquely personal experience: your body chemistry influences the way a perfume develops so you should always test a perfume before buying.Dab a small amount on a pulse point. Smell after a minute or so, again 10 minutes later, and again an hour later. Try a small amount on a pulse point. - Be patient, let the magic work. - Evaluate the fragrance through all stages of the development. ENJOY!     

Fragrance Description: Top Notes: warm sweet Middle Note:  Warm musk Base Note: Deeper spice to mellow woody tones


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